About Us

Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership (NMPP) is a non-for-profit organization comprised of a network of public and private agencies whose mission is to save babies and help women take charge of their reproductive, social, and economic lives. NMPP began in 1990 as a model project by the New York Urban League. In 1993, It incorporated under its own 501 © (3) to become a fully functional Perinatal Network.

NMPP is a Maternal & Child Health Life Course Organization offering over twenty-two services and programs with an operating budget over eight million dollars. A MCH Life Course Organization is an entity that develops the capacity over time to deliver integrated, continuous and comprehensive health and social services and support to women and their infants from the cradle to the grave. These entities are not only concerned with the needs of women during the pregnancy period but develops programmatic, clinical and policy interventions to improve women’s health during the birthing process, the early childhood stage, the adolescent period and meeting the needs of women over thirty-five years of age.

These services increase the self-sufficiency of poor and working class women and meet their social and health needs from the womb to the tomb. NMPP was responsible for developing and executing a community plan that reduced Central Harlem’s infant mortality rate from 27.7 deaths per one thousand live births in 1990 to 6.1 deaths in 2008.NMPP currently operates programs that are funded by HRSA/MCHB, NYSDOH, NYCDOH/MH, New York City Children’s Services, DYCD and the Aids Institute. NMPP has played an important part in the lives of the health care consumers of Northern Manhattan and NYC through its successful management of programs over the last two decades.

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