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We are fortunate friends who have benefited from the efforts of the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership and fully support their efforts. Please visit their official website at NMPP Cares

We are unaffiliated with the NMPP – but that does not mean we can’t support them! We have benefited from the NMPP’s programs and are eager to spread the word of their good works.

The NMPP’s mission is to save babies and help women take charge of their reproductive, social and economic lives. Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership, Inc (NMPP) is a not-for-profit community based organization comprised of a network of public and private agencies, community residents, health organizations and local businesses.

NMPP provides crucial services to women, children, men and families in many neighborhoods throughout Manhattan. We are conveniently located in Central Harlem, East Harlem, and Washington Heights. We are able to provide services throughout the entire borough of Manhattan.

Visit the NMPP website at NMPPCares.org

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